Hello, my name is Joey! I’m an aspiring character artist and entertainer from Michigan (US) and I started running the Heroes of Enderboar campaign way back in early 2015. What began as a simple home-brew Dungeons & Dragons campaign has now grown into a strong part of a much larger multi-threaded community with involvement in most every aspect of creative gaming. Since its inception we’ve live-streamed every session, hosted by one of my closest friends and dedicated player, BarrowsBOY.

Besides DM’ing, I can occasionally be found streaming on my channel, usually with my good friend and professional artist extraordinaire, Ronald Maxwell. I also play in a D&D campaign ran by the mighty Thauglor every Sunday at 10PM EST over on his Twitch Channel. Consider hanging out with the people who have helped shape everything Enderboar is today.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on everything important. While the Heroes of Enderboar campaign is most certainly our pride and joy, we’ve always got more events going on and projects in development for you to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting our website, see you around!


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GreatCrates are exactly that, a great crate! Twice a year we design, prepare, and ship out an obligation-free care package that we like to call a “GreatCrate”, assembled solely for your enjoyment on behalf of the Enderboar community. GreatCrates are usually themed around specific events and/or holidays, chosen by us in the months leading up to a new Crate. Crater Dates (that’s what we call shipping dates) will vary somewhat depending on their particular theme, ... Read more

& Find

Search for hidden objects, earn points, and climb to the top of the leader boards! On the first Friday of every month we release a new image with an official list of objects we’ve hidden throughout for you to find.

Each item has a specific quantity that determines the official point value for that particular image, alongside a number of unlisted possible bonus points you can try your eye at earning if you’re hungry for ranks. After you submit your findings we will review it for legitimacy,

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You can use our Roll20 terrain tile sets for FREE in your tabletop games.
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Asset Pack – Access Request Form
Are you part of and/or involved in a friendly group or community of like-minded tabletop role-players? If the answer is yes, then please feel free to request access to the terrain tile set half of several different environment asset packs…

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